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At Kaifko, we are a video production company in the Vancouver – Lower Mainland area that prioritizes strategy. With over 15 years of experience, we have explored countless stories for our clients and are always excited to take on new projects. Our passion for creating new stories is at the core of what we do.

Starting from humble beginnings, we understand the challenge of finding a provider who delivers the quality and trustworthiness you seek. This is why we prioritize collaboration with our clients, whether it’s for company culture stories, product highlights, team features, or social media content. We work tirelessly to bring your brand to life.

Our creative team is the backbone of our success, and we place great importance on maintaining a positive and transparent work environment. With our passion and professionalism, we are committed to helping our clients tell their stories in the most effective and engaging way possible.




We are truly passionate about every aspect of producing exceptional stories, from their inception to completion. Our love for film drives us to bring out the best in the products or services that your company offers. We are committed to making each production better than the last, continuously expanding our industry knowledge and inspiring our team to go above and beyond.

At the heart of every project we undertake is our dedication to creating emotionally engaging and impactful productions that motivate action. We collaborate closely with you to devise and execute a strategy that resonates with your audience, achieves your desired results, and leaves a lasting impression. Whether you seek to boost brand recognition, drive sales, provide training for your team, or simply convey a message to the world, our team is here to bring your project to life and make a meaningful impact.