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Becoming the brand podcast

Tune in to Mo Hedayat, Mike Arboit, and Lyndon Smith’s show as they sit down with industry leaders to uncover the secrets behind their successful brand journeys. These experts will share their experiences, challenges, and strategies for building and growing a successful brand. You’ll learn about the latest trends and best practices in your industry, and discover new ways to differentiate yourself and stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or business professional, this show is a must-listen for anyone looking to take their brand to the next level. So join Mo, Mike, and Lyndon as they interview the brightest minds in business and help you grow and succeed in your industry.
Becoming the Brand is a co-produced podcast between TFN Studios and Kaifko Creative in partnership with The Fountainhead Network. 
Set Location: 
The Fountainhead Network Co-working and Media Space
Hosted by: 
Mo Hedayat, Mike Arboit & Lyndon Smith
Produced by: 
Mo Hedayat | Kaifko Creative
Mike Arboit | TFN Studios


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Meet Your Hosts

Founder, fractional CMO, video producer, creative director

Mo Hedayat

Mo is a prolific creative with a never-ending stream of ideas. He has sharpened his expertise in video production and marketing, and now provides creative consulting and content production services to companies seeking to bring their ideas to life through visually appealing and impactful storytelling.

He joins forces with Mike and Lyndon to host and produce this podcast, where they interview industry experts and share their stories with the audience.

Mike Arboit

Mike comes from a music production background, but has grow in to podcast production rapidly in addition and produces various types of podcast series for his clients. And he still has time to kick-ass at his Pro-Wrestling events. 

On this podcast he teams up with Mo with hosting and producing this podcast. Speaking with industry experts and sharing their story with the audience.

Business advisor

lyndon smith

Lyndon is an experienced professional in the field of business development and coaching. He takes the time to actively engage with each guest and learn about their unique journey. 

During the podcasts interviews Lyndon gains a deep understanding of guests goals, challenges, and aspirations to share it with our audience.